Friday, November 18, 2011


Once ive fall in love 
Oh,Once ive learn to hate
Dear heart , why is it always on me?

Time passes and memories faded
neither yours nor mine
cant HIM just give us the right path never to choose
either one
guts declined
fear inclined
they say never regret 
never look back

indeed never i am
but they came , never been invited.
hey slut ,
why cant you go away ?
be gone , desist !
neither me nor him
desire never of yourself
 not critisized but im annoyed

Disgusted by ur appearence
mirror-mirror on the wall
should you show em 
or shall i compare thee to a hated smelly crow?

never come again
or i shall come and spit on yourself
that you feel ashamed 
for a thousand years you'll be.